Anne-Sophie Waag, M.Sc.

Mailing Address

Universität Mannheim
Lehrstuhl für Bildungspsychologie
Postfach 103462
D-68131 Mannheim

Address on Campus

A 5,6 building B,
3rd floor, room 307

Telephone: +(49) 621/ 181-2211
E-Mail: awaag//at//





University of Mannheim

since 09 / 2016Research Assistant at the University of Mannheim, Chair of Psychology of Education, HAREBE-Project (Practical Knowledge, Reflexion and Profession Orientation in universitary teaching)

09/2014 - 03/2017Master Cognitive and Clinical Psychology

09/2010 - 07/2014 Bachelor of Psychology


-    Experience-based Learning / Service-Learning
-    Reflective competence
-    Theory-practice-connection in teacher education
-     Didactics
-     Diagnostic


Waag, A. (2017). Possibilities of linking science and practice in an artistisc context and introduction to an evaluation
        procedure. Lecture series "Punctum" at the HKS Ottersberg, 20.06.2017, Ottersberg, Germany.

 Waag, A.-S. (2017). Handlungsorientierung im Studium: Entwicklung von Instrumenten zur Evaluation erfahrungsbasierter
          Lehrveranstaltungen. Posterpräsentation auf der PaePsy (Fachgruppentagung Pädagogische und Entwicklungspsy-
          chologie der DGPs), 12.09.2017, Münster, Deutschland.